Some Pi In The Works

01 28 2017 TouchPi

Aside from my usual interest of meandering through the desert to find random garbage that has been left behind to take pictures of. I also have an interest in a couple of computer related things which is Linux and Raspberry Pi. I like the idea of Linux (as well as some other open source operating systems) because I like that it gives people a choice for something to use on their computers besides the same two usual suspects. Don’t get me wrong, I use one of those two but I like when there are other options for those who want something.

With the tiny Raspberry Pi computer you have a computer that can fuel various projects from video games to home security systems, and a myriad of other cool ideas. 

The first time I had purchased a Raspberry Pi 2B. After reading through the tutorial and figuring out how to install the operating system on the SD card, booting up, and trying everything out it was cool. Unfortunately, I just couldn’t think of a damn thing to do with it. There were tons of people doing the retro video game projects, but I didn’t really want to do that. I wanted something different but what? So after about a month I sold my Pi 2B. 

But this wouldn’t be the end of my interest.

Before December I was going through various searches for any new Pi Projects. Especially after learning that the Raspberry Pi 3 had been released for a while. I was searching through various media center projects and it dawned on me what project I wanted to pursue. One project one had thought to do, but I will not divulge exactly what that is…not yet anyways but as things progress on this blog.

For Christmas I received Pi 3 board, then ordered a touch screen, and then ordered the touch screen. Before the latter items arrived I had looked up tutorials on how to piece everything together. Because of the way the tutorials explained everything I was worried that the orange ribbon would be an issue, but when the touch screen arrived I realized that manufacturer had changed the way the touch screen was setup. So the only issue I had was trying to install the white ribbons with the blue ends. 

I decided to try out the Noobs, set up the touch screen and screen orientation, and then…

I felt pretty underwhelmed.

Not that I didn’t learn anything I just expected the process to be a bit more difficult than it was. I am quite proud that I managed to actually put together and program my own touch screen because it will but me on the correct path for long or short haul that will be the project I desire to get underway. I have a rough idea as to what parts I will need and what I want it to do. 

What will probably be difficult is learning how to make an OS (operating system). The reason for wanting to learn to make an OS is because I cannot find one that does what I need it to do for this particular project. Not sure if I will succeed or have to give up but I am willing to give it a try.

Hopefully you will join me on this adventure.


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