Greetings & Salutations!

01 28 2017 DesCar

Hello and welcome to Across The Desert Rim! A series of posts about the various objects, debris, litter, and various odd things that I find and snap pictures of while hiking through various sections of the Las Vegas desert. This might not be the only thing I write about for this blog, as I do like to get out and about a bit, but it will be the main focus of the blog. 

It amazes me at the amount of things that I find on my hikes around the valley that people leave behind or dump in the middle of nowhere. All manner of various stuff; couches, mattresses, furniture, toys, etc. Like the framed image at the head of this post which I like to call “It Was A Vehicle At Some Point” or “Skeletal Driver”. Things like this is a bit of a rarity when I come across them, usually it is the things like furniture, televisions, and other crap that I find. This I found while driving around. 

It was kind of funny when I first drove past it because it actually had tires, seats, and steering wheel. No engine, or doors, or body, or anything else. After a few weeks it just became the skeleton that you see in the picture above. 

Hopefully you tag along and enjoy the content that I will be bringing to this blog. I also hope you have some fun and maybe a laugh at what I have to say. 

Greetings from the desert!


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